Projects for strategic solutions and tactical touchpoints

Align strategic directions with tactical actions to create value and spark desire

Suitable for any project


Projects are shaped.

This means the structure and outline of the project itself is strategically shaped. That way, the delivery of strategies, strategic solutions and tactical touchpoints are aligned.

Via this integrated approach, strategic and tactical design projects are suitable to address capability or delivery issues, handle challenges and problems, and deliver results.

Kandure specialises in projects for strategic engagement, communications and activations. All projects inevitably have engagement, communication and activation components.

Project Shaping

Kandure projects are shaped according to your specific requirements. Prior to shaping a project’s outline, a lean Human-Centred Design process occurs, so the project is properly understood and scoped accordingly.

This means that together we discover the reasons for the project, define how it will run, and develop a project proposal. By doing this, we clarify what will ultimately be delivered. It’s fab that the setting up of a project is the project’s initial-special-mini project.

Collaboration and feedback are an essential part of the process. See Design Principles


Whether the project’s motivation is primarily strategic or dominantly tactical, the design process for shaping a project always involves inputs from the key project stakeholders or owners.

Defining the project timeframe will depend on the size and scope of the project and the number of stakeholders, which can be many or a single invested interest.

With outputs delivered according to a structured methodology, project timelines can be fixed or flexible. Ongoing outcomes will need time to propagate and mature.


Do you have a project but also limited capabilities?

That’s OK. Really. Kandure’s Principal, Nadine, has over 25 years of experience fulfilling capability gaps, developing capabilities and empowering teams or individual business owners. See About Kandure

Working collaboratively on-side with teams or individuals, Nadine’s balanced approach, leadership, management and cross-functional skills help you and the delivery of the project and its strategic and tactical design aspects.

Project Types

The information below explains how Kandure classifies projects in terms of their primary motivation.

Strategic Design Projects

Human-Centred Design (HCD)

Strategic Pieces

Strategies, policies, strategic or operational plans, investigations, projects etc which form part of an overarching framework, organisational blueprint or integrated mission

Kandure utilises a lean HCD process for the strategic design of a project

Eg: Brand Strategy, Sustainability Policy


Digital or tangible products for innovative business solutions or quality of life improvements, for experiences or to meet specific needs

Eg: Websites, Apps, Visual Aids


Mechanisms or protocols for change ie social, cultural, environmental, organisational and community needs, impact, emerging economies and productivity, training solutions, capability or skills development,  research and innovations 

Eg: Platforms, Portals, Toolkits

Places and Services

Placemaking, wayfinding, co-design of community-centred services for digital, in-person, or remote access

Eg: Libraries, Social or Community Hubs, Chat Channels

Tactical Design Projects

Design Thinking and User Experience (UX) Design

Plans and Programs

Plans: Development roadmaps, action plans, journey maps, which represent an aspect of the business and the associated actions or pathways

Eg: Marketing Plan, Event Plan

Programs: Resources and materials for engagement, participation, interaction, socialisation, education, conferences, roll-outs and embedding

Eg: Brand Education, Wellbeing


Guidelines, instructions, documents, annual reports, presentations, white papers, conference or event programs, booklets, books, handbooks, information sheets, infographics

Eg: Brand Guides, Manuals


Branding, content, templates, visual assets and collateral for communications, marketing, advertising, omnichannel touchpoints ie print, digital, socials, desktop, displays, signage and merchandise

Eg: Billboards, Social Media Posts

Pitches and Campaigns

Content and collateral for activations, initiatives, community awareness, grants, start-ups, conferences and events, partnerships, strategic marketing

Eg: Sponsorship, Calls-to-Action

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