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Kandure is an independent strategic and tactical design studio that works by your side.

Together, we collaborate to shape and deliver projects. To help us are the design friends of Human-Centred Design, Design Thinking and User Experience Design.

With a focus on empowerment and building capabilities, Nadine at Kandure is both an on-side supporter and a leader. A strategic and tactical designer for your next project? Sounds super!

About Nadine

Nadine Uremovic is Kandure’s Founder
and Principal Strategic Designer

Collaboration has no heirarchy
Amit Ray

With her cross-functional skills, Nadine bridges gaps. She bridges the gap between strategic futures-thinking and on-the-ground tactical requirements, so both can meet, understand, integrate and improve. By fulfilling capability gaps, Nadine bridges gaps in the ecosystems of the organisational environments she’s working in.

Nadine’s expertise lies in shaping and managing projects, leadership and management, knowledge sharing and empowerment, effective relationship building, developing capabilities, strategically aligning and crafting resources, and inclusively socialising and embedding deliverables. For smaller entities, Nadine is a one-stop go-to for strategic and tactical projects.

Specialising in projects for engagement, communications and activations, Nadine primarily works with engagement, communications and marketing teams. But also with many other types of teams, often managing multiple projects, clients and stakeholders at any given time.

Nadine’s backstory covers over 25 years of experience working with clients via on-side arrangements. Nadine’s project-based, strategic and tactical design approach has ensured her consistent, long-term, on-side client arrangements for local governments, not-for-profit organisations and service-focussed small medium enterprises.

With a commitment to continual improvement, Nadine has completed many studies and trainings to support her professional development. For clients, this means having a skilled, cross-functional, interdisciplinary designer by your side, on your team.

Nadine references the public value approach per Mark Moore for developing strategies and is experienced with the NSW Local Government Integrated Planning & Reporting (IP&R) Framework. For engagement consultations via community participation, Nadine is familiar with: IAP2 Participation Model; CSCCE Community Participation Framework; and New Economics Foundation Co-Production Ladder.

Also very interested in community-centred placemaking and place-branding, Nadine references the work of Mihalis Kavaratzis et al, and is currently interested in the perspectives of economist Mariana Mazzucato and the development of new pathways for innovative public value economies.

Nadine established Kandure in 1999 as an independent design studio and is an ethical supplier of design services. Kandure’s business model is based on sustainable enterprise and empowerment dynamics.

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In her spare time Nadine likes to be out and about.
See her Instagram @nadineau

Nadine qualified as a Yoga Teacher in 2007 and as a Yoga Therapist in 2016. She regularly teaches therapeutic yoga for women at her One Yoga studio. For local matters, Nadine represents a community action group and updates members via a Facebook page.

Nadine Uremovic Kandure Creative Design

Made with heart

Everyday people do stellar things every day

Made with heart and community-centred, with people as the focus, Kandure delivers projects for strategic solutions and tactical on-brand touchpoints to help super people do their thing.

More About


Like design, career is a process. Learn more about Nadine, her evolution as a designer, the roles she’s actioned and the skills she most employs.

Skills: Leadership & Management
  • Lead and manage people and business
  • Shape, manage or lead projects
  • Effective relationship building
  • Stakeholder and client relationships
  • Mentorship and knowledge sharing
  • Team and individual empowerment
  • Capability development
  • Functional assessments
  • Reviews, peer reviews, evaluations
  • Communities of Practice (CoP)
  • Ambassador networks
  • Checkpoints and milestones
  • Approvals and decisions
  • Objectives and key results (OKRs)
  • Metrics and performance measures
  • Time and workflow management
  • Reporting and documentation
  • Cashflow, budgets and resources
  • Procurement processes
  • Suppliers, liaison and risk management
  • Business improvements and innovations
  • Wellbeing and sustainability
  • Governance and permissions
  • Support public or media relations spokespeople
Skills: Strategic
  • Human-Centred Design (HCD)
  • Design of strategic projects
  • Design of strategies or strategic pieces
  • Framework alignment (CX, BX, XD)
  • Engagement methodologies
  • Engagement facilitation
  • Identity, brand, humanised brand-making
  • Strategic communications
  • Research and discovery
  • Information architecture
  • Qualitative insights and challenges
  • Drivers, objectives,  mapping
  • Analysis: impact/importance, DFV
  • Insights, data synthesis and clarification
  • Horizon scanning and trend monitoring
  • Minimum viable products (MVPs)
  • Website design
  • Centralised information cues
  • NSW Office of Local Government Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) Framework
Skills: Tactical
  • Design Thinking
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Design of tactical projects
  • Branding and brand platform
  • Accessibility and inclusive design
  • Visual identity system and assets
  • Creative kits and templates (designer, desktop, digital)
  • Collateral for tactical engagements, communications and activations
  • Guidelines and protocols
  • Choice architecture
  • Communications plans
  • Visual communications design planning
  • Marcomms and content planning
  • Content production and brand copywriting
  • Photography and image management
  • Writing, editing, scripts and messaging
  • Explainers and infographics
  • Advice, presentations, training and materials
  • Filenaming conventions and file structuring
  • Content management system (CMS) population
  • Curation of visual communications assets
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Skills: Touchpoints

Touchpoints are the mechanisms which help to deliver results

  • Develop toolkits, templates, workbook, resources and materials
  • Inclusive and accessible visual communications design and creative
  • Branding elements: logo design, typography selection and typesetting, colour palettes and swatches, shapes and graphic devices, pictographic icons, illustrations and illustrative maps, image corrections and adjustments
  • Design of purpose built templates for creative designers, desktop publishers, or digital and social media content producers
  • Finished artwork for print, digital and socials
  • Collateral for omnichannel marketing communications and tactical campaigns including large format signage and displays
  • Wireframes and user interfaces (UI) ie for websites, apps, eDMs
  • Build websites (WordPress) and populate content management systems (CMS)
  • Implement tech tools and collaborative tools

Career as a designer 

2019-now Principal Strategic Designer
(strategy, engagement, brand + BX, activations, strategic and tactical communications^)

^ tactical communications = creative, print, digital, UI/UX, socials

2013-2019 Strategic Brand and Communications Designer
(engagement, brand + BX, activations, tactical communications^)

2009-2013 Principal Visual Communications Designer
(brand, tactical communications^)

2003-2009 Tactical Designer
(brand, creative, print, digital, UI)

1999-2003 Graphic Designer
(creative, print)


Roles Actioned

Types of roles Nadine has fulfilled while working on-side with clients:

Strategic Designer, Design Lead, Project Lead, Strategic Design Advisor, Strategic Design Consultant, Communications Manager, Engagement Consultant and Facilitator, Brand Strategist, Brand Manager, Brand Advisor, Editor and Copywriter, Content Producer, Visual Communications Design Specialist, Digital Communications Specialist, UI/UX Designer, Creative Designer, Graphic Designer, Design Educator, Brand Educator, Design Mentor


Discover more about Kandure. Kandure often manages multiple clients, projects and stakeholders at any given time.

Project Fees

Kandure doesn’t have expensive overheads so that means reasonable fees. Small projects cost small money, big projects cost more. Because each project is unique it is too tricky to provide set amounts here.

Kandure is an ethical supplier of design services and fees charged are in line with current market rates.

If you would like Kandure to submit an Expression of Interest or provide an estimate, please complete the contact form outlining your requirements.

If you are contacting Kandure for advice or to shape a project, there may be associated charges.

Principal Clients

Via long-term on-side arrangements

2023-ongoing Central Coast Council

2020-ongoing Port Macquarie Hastings Council

2016-2022 MidCoast Council

2016-2019 Cessnock City Council

2013-ongoing Rainbow Club Australia

2013-2015 Public Relations Institute Australia

2013-2016 Manning Valley Naturally

2011-2016 Greater Taree City Council

2003-2016 Australian Marketing Institute

1999-2007 Australasian Performing Right Association

+ Other short-term or ongoing arrangements at any given time

Local Governments

Burwood Council (2007); Canterbury Bankstown Council (2021); Central Coast Council (2023 >); Cessnock City Council (2016–2019); Greater Taree City Council (2011–2016); Manning Valley Naturally (2013–2016); MidCoast Council (2016–2022); Parramatta Council (2014); Port Macquarie Hastings Council (2020 >)

Not-for-Profit Organisations

Australasian Performing Right Association and Mechanical Copyright Owners Society (1999–2007); Australian Childrens Music Foundation (2002); Australian Marketing Institute (2003–2016); Enfield Action Group (2018 >) Enfield Lifesaving Club (2013–2016); Exodus Foundation (2000); Golden Stave Foundation (2003–2007); Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy (2003–2007); Public Relations Institute Australia (2013–2015); Rainbow Club Australia (2013-2023); St Joseph’s Primary Enfield (2001–2010); Support Act (2003–2007)

Small Medium Enterprises

Ademus Business Solutions (2020–2023); Ash Passive Fire Solutions (2010–2012); Ayurvedic Wellness Centre (2011); CDR Design (2011–2012); Childcare Services NSW (2004–2005); Cosmic Tree (2017–2021); Creative Counsel (2009–2011); Du Creative (2012–2017); Global Connect Consulting (2011–2013); Grantwise (2018–2019); Hale & Crighton (2011–2013); Hormone Health and Diabetes (2012 >); Information Exchange (2009–2015); Lakeview Constructions (2013–2015); Life Source Yoga and Health (2004–2008); Lindfield Family Chiropractic (2008–2009); Magnets4Therapy (2002–2013); Makro Mehanika (2013); Marcus Holden Recording Studio (2018 >); Meguid Business Services (2017–2022); Mileno Shoes (2008–2009); Nine Dots Marketing (2005–2008); Non-conventional Homes EcoTour (2002–2004); One Yoga (2012 >); Primary Communications (2018–2022); Professional Nannies (2004–2005); Professional Word Services (2007 >); Resurg Capital Finance (2008); Riverland Park (2023); Sal Flynn | Stillmotion (2012 >); Seva Yoga (2012); Strathfield Retina Clinic (2013–2021); Sydney Iridology (2018–2021); Synchronised Movement (2020–2021); Transform Yoga and Pilates (2012–2019); Three Realms Yoga (2008–2013); Undercover Music (2018 >); Valley Industries (2018); Workshopped Australian Design (2003–2005); Yoga Presence (2011–2013); You Studios (2009–2010)

Large Business

Abergeldie Civil Infrastructure (2002–2008); Ardent Underground (2006); BNP Baribas (2004–2006); Brand Finance (2009–2012, 2017–2018); Dibbs Barker (2013–2015); IBM (2012–2013)


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