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No matter how small or big the super things you do are, it’s your presence out there that helps score the wins. Giving your best and ongoing improvement strengthens you and extends your reach. Your super skills cover you, but if you also need a creative presence to empower you, give Kandure a go.


As a freelancer, Kandure doesn’t have expensive overheads so that means reasonable fees. Small jobs cost small money, big jobs cost more. Because each client is unique and the range of services Kandure offers is vast, it is too tricky to provide set amounts here. Feel comfortable requesting a design estimate and be confident that Kandure works hard to ensure fees are aligned with local market rates, creative outputs hit the spot, and value is created.

Let’s go creative

Kandure is an ethical supplier of design services, is professional, does considered work, is candid and efficient, reliable, trustworthy and supportive. Kandure works independently or collaboratively with a project team. There is a creative process and your input is an important part of that. We aim for a smooth design process and do the work to ensure winning outputs that evoke, empower and engage are delivered.


Principal, studio owner, creative designer, graphic design consultant

Sydney born and based freelance designer, since 1999 Nadine has supplied creative for clients throughout Australia. With a skillset beyond design, but also editing and content consolidation, this creative designer has consistently helped clients communicate their presence, achieve their goals and support them in their delivery.

Experienced with a range of industries, Nadine favours service-based entities employing super everyday people aiming to make their world better. Nadine is across print and online mediums for both traditional outputs and digital channels. She is passionate about helping clients do their things better and offers an organic, considered and flexible approach to design.

Nadine has interests in places and spaces, design thinking, mid-century design and seed principles (sustainable enterprise and empowerment dynamics) particularly for women-led entities. She is a qualified yoga teacher and yoga therapist, regularly teaching yoga for women after hours. For local matters, Nadine represents Enfield Action Group, keeping that community updated via Facebook.

If you would like to work with Nadine, click the OK button for Kandure’s contact information.